The Blue Mile is home to many amazing residents. Part of the mission of the Blue Mile Foundation is to help revitalize Blue Mile neighborhoods to enhance the lives of the residents living in Statesboro’s connecting corridor.


As a part of the Blue Mile Plan, presented at the America’s Best Community contest, the creation of destination points, retail offerings and mixed residential styles and price points are imperative to forming the critical masses and traffic counts necessary to support the “Blue Mile.”


Here is our Residential Redevelopment Plan…

• Identify and target downtown housing development prospects as shown on downtown residential area focus map.

• Create a mixed income downtown housing opportunities with a proper balance of owner occupied and rental structures.

• Continue Partnership with Habitat for Humanity to provide housing opportunities.

• Support DSDA’s Homes for Heroes Program to renovate existing housing stock and provide affordable downtown housing options to publicly employed emergency responders.

• Attract developers, investors, and residents to opportunities for new and rehabilitated housing.

• Utilize downtown zoning map to identify appropriate development opportunities.

• Households have declined in the area 2 percent per year for each of the last 10 years

• Lack of amenities, destination points and community gathering places

• Downtown is not a shopping, dining or entertainment destination for GSU students

• Lack of available mixed use properties and housing opportunities to provide the critical mass necessary to support a sustainable downtown business environment

• Existing neighborhood housing stock is declining in condition.

Here are current housing revitalization projects going on…

Habitat for Humanity

Homes for Heroes

If you are would like to get involved in the housing revitalization along the Blue Mile and with the Blue Mile neighborhoods, click below and let us know!
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